Blogging and its concept

Blogging is one of the most advanced learning methods in the world. There is man who in many ways one of pioneers of blogging. He wrote in his story that:

“I have been making money with blogging from the last 7-8 years. I have made more than 1 million dollars (almost Rs. 7 Crore+) with blogging. I was so confused when I started blogging.

I had absolutely no idea about blogging when I started in 2010. I worked very hard butmade no money with blogging for almost 1 year.

But I never gave up! I was doing my research on topics like, ‘how to create a blog’, ‘howto write on your blog’ and ‘how to promote your blog’.

And things started in my favor after 1 year. I made my first $100 from blogging in 2011.Then there was no looking back. Today I am earning $25,000 (Rs 15 Lacs+) permonth from blogging” Pradeep Nagarale.

This is just an overview of his whole story on how this man starts his career in the blogging business and difficulties he faces in his online career on daily basis including depression, lack of money, lack of motivation and many more because, if you start any business you hope to get profit from it whether you invest in it or not, such as the case with Pradeep, he also faced many problems in his online career but, he stood and made money on a huge scale just by blogging.

Blogging work as the online platform for readers to learn or just read for their entertainment purpose in daily life. A blog consists of many posts, these posts can be about anything from sports to entertainment, fun, and lifestyle to health and career, environmental pollution to general education, adult content to parenting things.

A blog can be a mixture of different themes or a simple one-dimensional means, it falls on only one category which can be anything like education or sports etc.

You can just write your own stuff on such categories or you can hire a person or employee who writes for you.

A good mass of traffic must be on the blog to make it more engaging and popular for that, you can advertise your blog and make it social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media site to let people know that you are making some good stuff.

Once there is enough traffic on your site, now you can earn by advertising anything and get your percentage by AdSense or any other means.