What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Mining is the Method Through Which We Can Earn Money with The help of Powerful GPU’s.

For Bitcoin Mining We Must have a powerful A bitcoin mining machine known as (ASIC MINERS).

Don’t try to mine bitcoins from your desktop or any laptop computer you can’t Earn even a single penny from your desktops or laptops because they consume very much electricity ultimately your net worth will be much leaser.

To Earn proper, you must have a setup of mining machines.

Once you got mining Machines you have to join pool without joining pool you will only earn from mining machines.

By Joining Pool, you will Earn your invested harsh rate for Example if you invest 1 percent of your hash rate you will earn 125 Bitcoins from 12.5 bitcoin block reward.

Hence joining pool will be beneficial for your Net income

Also, you need a suitable Software for your bitcoin pool, Software provides your payout address you can easily be addressed your payout address.

There is numerous bitcoin software available for both PC and Mac You can download.

Secondly, you must have a wallet or address.

Before starting your bitcoin business, you have to confirm that either the bitcoin business is legal in your country or not, most of the countries bitcoins business are legal.

But you must confirm form your local counsel for your confirmation.

You must tell them your whole income including your Whole electricity expenses.

After your Setup done you have to calculate your net profit, you can use bitcoin calculator for that.

The prices of bitcoins are not constant they vary every day so before starting you must do the proper calculation.

It could be very difficult to predict that your profit is Same every month because the rate varies day by day.

You Can earn bitcoin from your android phones with the help of android apps like CRYPTO MINER, EASY MINER etc.

Since Android phones are not power as compare to the powerful mining machine so that phones Cannot make handsome amount Even you can’t make a single penny through whole year ultimately it drain your smartphones Battery so, in my opinion, this is waste of time don’t go for android mining.

In the end, bitcoin is not a waste of money millions of people works on it and they earn handsome amount every month and year go for that if you have some money to invest.