Why CPA Marketing Is A Good Way To Start Online?

Why CPA Marketing Is A Good Way To Start Online

My readers often ask me what business model they should follow to make money online. There’s a wide variety of things you can do from building affiliate sites, creating information products, selling on Amazon, to starting an eCommerce store.

But I’m not afraid to be biased. I’m going to flat out say that CPA is the best way to make money online, especially going into 2018. CPA stands for cost per acquisition and it’s an affiliate marketing model where you get paid when somebody signs up to a free or low cost offer.

1. It’s Beginner Friendly

There are several reasons why I love the CPA model. You don’t need to have specialized information to create your own info product. You don’t need to have the technical skills to build complex eCommerce sites and deal with the logistics of sourcing, fulfillment and shipping. You don’t have to rely on the search engines to get traffic to your site. You can build simple 3 to 5 page sites that simply ask the visitor to enter their email or sign up to a cheap offer.

2. It’s Doesn’t Cost Much to Get Started

Many people think that getting into affiliate marketing requires that you have thousands of dollars saved up for advertising. That’s far from the truth. You can easily set up a Facebook advertising campaign for $5 a day or a Google Adwords campaign for $10 a day. You simply test to see if your offer, landing page and advertising works and increase your spending once a campaign is profitable.

3. It’s Easy to Scale

Unlike other business models, you don’t have to deal with employees, fulfillment, shipping or customer service. You only put your time into marketing the offer you’re promoting. That’s why you can quickly scale up your business fast once you have a campaign that’s profitable. The only thing I do is to check on my winning campaigns from time to time, expand my campaigns and test new offers.

4. The Conversions are Higher

Have you ever tried to sell a physical product? The average conversion for physical products have an industry average of 1%. You put in all that effort into marketing only to have 1 out of 100 people pay off. CPA offers can convert anywhere from 5% to 20% (or more) because the offers don’t require people to make a purchase. Many of them also have high payouts and offer higher commissions than physical products.

5. You Can Quickly Build Multiple Revenue Streams

I also like the fact that you can build multiple revenue streams with CPA offers. Because it’s easy to set up promotions for the offers, you can quickly launch one until you achieve a profitable campaign. Most aspects of managing the campaign will be automated, so you can look to work on another offer. This helps protect your income and diversify your revenue portfolio.

And those are the reasons I think CPA marketing will be the best way money online in 2018. I encourage you to start joining some of the most popular CPA networks to get an idea of what you can promote. You’ll be blown away at the wide range of offers you can make money with.