Tools you may need to succeed in your online business, these tools are the most up to date on market and i personally use them in my own business.

Clickmagick is used for click tracking, it is highly recommended due to its custom filtering and blocking system that keeps out all the junk traffic that can later cause you problems. Its very easy to use and lots of tutorials to help. Pricing is also fair compared to most services out there.

Click funnels is by far the best landing page or sales page builder ever made, it’s a little pricy but you certainly get what you pay for. Their drag and drop interface is smooth and easy to use. The good thing about CF is they have multiple different professional pages designed to suit your needs. The other good thing is all the pages are hosted so you don’t even need a server or hosting.

For many years aweber has been the leading email marketing service, their delivery rates are by far the best compared to anything ive personally tried. Their prices are fair and they even have a 30 days free trial. Their interface is very simple and user friendly.