Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Should You Invest in Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the crypto currency of the future

There are so many cryptocurrencies that are spawning everywhere in our world today. One of the most successful forms of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, and more people are becoming interested in investing in Bitcoin because of its high volatility. In just a short period, the value of Bitcoin can rise or fall in an instant. Investors are lured into this kind of instability because they can earn vast amounts of money in a short period, even with high risk. According to financial experts, Bitcoin is going to change the future of finances, and more people will be investing in it.

Invented back in 2010 by a Japanese programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has a value of not more than $1 when it was introduced. Today, one Bitcoin is worth $5600, and this change happened in just seven years. Financial experts are stating that the value of Bitcoin can still rise because of the limited amount of Bitcoins that can be mined – there are only 21 million to be exact, and once all of it is extracted in the early 2100s, there won’t be anything left. There are no financial institutions or governments which controls Bitcoin, which is why the cryptocurrency is experiencing a lot of freedom. Many countries around the world have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, while some governments have begun the crackdown of Bitcoin because they said that these are illegal, and then replacing the cryptocurrency with their state-backed versions.

Is it too late to make profit from bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin today can still yield profit, because according to forecast, the value of the cryptocurrency will continue to rise, even reaching a cost of $10000 in the next few years. It is not yet late to invest in Bitcoin because the possibilities are still there. There are multiple ways on how to invest in Bitcoin, but the most popular are mining, trading, the blockchain, and through ICO applications.

Miners are Bitcoin investors who will be spending a lot of money on operating a large scale Bitcoin mining facility to get Bitcoins. They tend to run in a closed warehouse, with thousands of CPUs or devices that can solve mathematical equations in the shortest possible time to mine Bitcoins. These investors require so much energy for their operations, so they tend to invest the most significant amount of money. Once they mined Bitcoins, the returns will be fair enough, and they can become a millionaire in the shortest possible time. Traders, on the other hand, rely on trading goods for Bitcoins. It can be multinational companies who are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, or individual retailers who accept the cryptocurrency.

They can then trade it for another set of products or invest it until the value goes up. Blockchain users are the ones who share their energy and time to help with mining the coins. The mined Bitcoin will be divided equitably among those who participated. Last but not the least would be the users of ICO based applications. They invest their money and trade it for Bitcoins, and wait for the value to rise.  What are you waiting for? Invest in Bitcoin now!