How to rank sites faster with less work

rank your sites fast

We all know how expensive SEO can be; we also know how slow it can get to rank a website. If your website has high traffic, you can get complacent and forget why people started visiting your website in the first place. If you are just starting out, it is even trickier to get your website ranked in the first pages if search engines. So does site ranking have to be that expensive and does it have to take so much time and effort? The answer is no; you can rank sites much faster, with less work and definitely with less money. Here is how.

1.Use your Queries report.

If you have submitted your website to webmasters they should give you a queries report indicating the phrases you rank for, the number of times a certain keyword has made impressions, the clicks you have received from the keywords you rank for and your average position.

With that information detailing the phrases you rank for, you can make improvements to boost your ranks further. This is effortless, and you will not pay a penny.

2.Page load speed

Major search engines factor in the ping time of your website when ranking. They have updated algorithms that test the speed at which your website loads. Same case your visitors will leave as soon as they arrived if they realize your website load time is long. To improve your page load speed, you can use free plugins, minimizing redirecting, and optimizing images. These are effortless activities that you can do on your own.You can test your website speed score using Google PageSpeed Insights tool. A score above 80 indicates good website performance.

3.Header tags

We all like to see things we can read with ease and not a wall of text. Format your content in such a way that it is appealing to your visitors. Well, formatted content improves your user experience. Your readers will be willing to spend time on your website reading and definitely come back for more. These visits will signal relevance to search engines, and they love relevance. It is easy to use header tags when you are generating content. It will not cost you time or money; it is free.

4.Fix broken links

We all hate errors when you are visiting a link. Search engine algorithms consider increased broken links as a sign of old, neglected website and that can negatively affect your rankings. The good news is you do not have to do it manually; you can use plugins applications and other free to use tools to identify and fix broken links. You can do it alongside other things, and it will not even make you break a sweat. Broken links will hinder search engine algorithms to rank sites faster.

5.Use sitemaps

Unknown to most people is how important sitemaps is in improving your website SEO. It will help crawlers and bots when they are indexing your website. They will manage to collect the information they need and make it readily available when anyone in the world makes a search. You can either use the XML sitemaps or HTML sitemaps it is free to obtain one, and you do not have to pay anyone to add it to your root directory.

6.Outbound links

Backlinking is a proven tool that will definitely rank sites faster. You can use high authority websites, to link content for your readers to read. It will not only improve your website content relevance, but it will also send signals to search engines that your website can be trusted. It will help improve your ranking. When generating your content, this is one thing you should have in mind. Outbound links one of the things you cannot afford to miss out on if you are to rank faster.


Site ranking doesn’t have to be an impossible fete; it can be done with ease, with comfort and almost free. These few steps should help your rank your site faster. However, do not limit yourself to the few discussed above. There are a lot of ways you can use to improve your site ranks and will cost you very little effort.