Are Online Paid Surveys A Scam?

Are Online Paid Surveys a Scam?

In today’s world, it’s really helpful to have a few additional ways of earning money. A single day job may not be enough to pay your bills. To that end, some people choose to combine freelancing with other kinds of income such as a part-time office job. It’s helpful to be on the lookout for potential side gigs all the time. One such potential option that many people have seen are online surveys. These are said to be surveys that people can take at home online. Many places imply that it is possible to quite a wad of cash just for giving your opinion.

Are Online Paid Surveys a Scam?

This is the single most important thing that most people want to know about paid online surveys. The truth? You can make a little money. Is it likely to be more than a few bucks? Not really. Before you do anything else, however, keep in mind that you can earn something from your participation. However, it may not be in the form of cash but rather free things or Amazon gift certificates. Also keep in mind that you may have to wait weeks for any prize you want as it can take time for the money or prizes to show up in your mailbox or even your email account.

Choose Carefully

The first thing you should NEVER do?

Do NOT pay money to find lists of paying online surveys or to sign up for potential surveys. If the company asks you for money close that browser and don’t go near it again. Legitimate survey companies are all around you. They will not require money just to sign up. Look up terms such as online survey companies in Google. A huge list of potential survey companies should come up immediately. You can then sign for as many as you like. If you want to get lots of paying surveys, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to fill out the required fields. Keep in mind that you may be asked for highly personal information such as your birthday, work field and exact address.

What You Can And Can’t Earn

In general, keep in mind that surveys will pay out in one of three ways: sweepstakes entries, prizes and actual cash. You might be paid as much as five or ten bucks for a single survey. However, completing the survey might take you half an hour or more. You may also be asked to fill out a lot of questions only to find you don’t qualify. You can be awarded points but you might need to take lots of surveys to qualify for a single prize.

Your best bet?

Accept that you probably can’t earn lots of money this way. However, set aside only ten minutes of your time each day for a year. You might make enough money in those Amazon gift certificates to pay for quite a few of your Christmas presents