Lead Generation with Facebook

Lead Generation with Facebook

Lead Generation with Facebook

As technology readily becomes more complex, reliant on other devices and connections, and available by all classes of people in every country in today’s modern world, life largely gets better for those who use it.

Schools use computers in managing assignments, with students in developing countries often tuning in to the world’s finest lectures in real time. People like you and me can find answers to questions using smartphones and other mobile devices in seconds, ranging from finding well-reviewed nearby restaurants to learn how to administer CPR in life-threatening situations.

Businesses also increasingly utilize social media to connect with existing customers and potential buyers. One means of doing so is generating leads, or finding people interested in your entity, with Facebook.

With more than 2 billion monthly Facebook users around the world, it’s silly to ignore the potential benefits the blue-and-white, Harvard-bred social media platform. Let’s look into the basics of lead generation with Facebook – pay attention and you’re likely to benefit from their utilization in your business.

Inbound marketing does leaps and bounds for lead generation

Consistently releasing original content related to your business, its industry, and location that’s meant to inform, educate, and entertain is called inbound marketing. This is in opposition of traditional marketing, which focuses on the direct advertisement and promotion of your entity’s offerings.

Do you use Facebook to look at ads? No! Neither do I. As such, nobody uses Facebook, of all things, to keep up with current advertisements or be entertained by them. It’s important to create original content that either entertains, educates, or informs – you can also accomplish two or more of these three necessary purposes of content creation.

Utilize a CRM program that autonomously gathers leads

Many customer relationship management programs are designed to autonomously gather information about contacts, including the generation of leads. Unfortunately, CRM systems won’t catch all potential leads. However, I recommend – for your own success – combining a leading relationship management tool with manual lead generation efforts.

Engage in paid advertising, if your budget allows

While you should never rely on just one form of advertising to promote your message to consumers, investing in social media advertisements is an effective means of generating leads.

Pay-per-click advertisements are among the most common on Facebook. Just like with other PPC ad campaigns, you should beef up your sidebar ads using the following techniques:

  • Animals and babies consistently draw high levels of interest, and are always age-appropriate.
  • People usually work well, too, as long as they appear to be happy.
  • Attention spans are shorter today than ever before – keep your ads simple.

Promote and then host a live webinar

Gaining high-dollar customers for your organization is made loads easier through hosting a webinar, a live seminar conducted through the Internet.

First, promote the webinar at least two weeks ahead of time. Make sure the webinar is of high quality whenever it’s shown, and lead should come rolling in for your cause.