4 Simple Tips To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

Have you ever thought about where you want to be in five years’ time? Are you always clear about what you want? Does it sometimes appear like you can’t get what you want?

It’s so easy to know what we want. Probably we all have clues and ideas of where we want to be. But getting there? It requires a system of well-calculated moves for us to achieve our goals. You need to set goals if you’re going to succeed. Goals give you focus and direction! They help you in bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Goal setting lets you have control of your future expectations as well as providing a reference point for determining whether you are moving forward.

SMART’ Goals Rule

Probably you’ve heard of SMART goals principles, but do you always apply them? For goals to be efficient and effective, they have to be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bond! You must be clear on what you want, which should be something within your reach. Dubious aspirations lack sufficient direction thereby becoming unhelpful. Knowing exactly what you want shows you the way while making it easy for you as you precisely know what you want in the end.

Having well-stipulated dates and quantities enable you to measure the degree of success. Deadlines increase the sense of urgency, and you get to know when to celebrate success. You don’t want to miss out the celebrations associated with achieving something!

How then do you get what you want?

1. Write it down

Taking your time to write down what you want to achieve has a tremendous power. It gives one clarity, and we gain vision. You gain a sense of ownership when you write it down thereby being motivated to walk extra miles to make it real.

Always take notes on what you see, where you are, how it feels, and any other aspects regarding the steps you make. This plays an essential role in turning our thoughts to reality and gives a motivating record of the processes involved.

2. The power of faith

If you believe something is beyond your reach, then it is. If you think you can have everything you want, you are right! This is the power of beliefs. The degree to which people believe it is possible to attain goals is the ultimate difference between success and failure.

Those who think they can’t get what they want often avoid setting goals in the first place because they are sure they cannot. High achievers, on the other hand, are convinced that they can not only achieve their set targets but even surpass them. Our thoughts, therefore, define our ability, and both ways of thinking turn to be right in the end.

3. Persistence

Unfortunately, what we want is never granted right away. But we just can’t afford to give in too quickly. The fact that there are many challenges and blocks along the way doesn’t mean all is lost. Try finding new approaches the ones you apply don’t work anymore. If the door is closed, try looking for an open window, the goal is to get out!

If you keep on working for that which you desperately want, you will always have it in the end. Persevere.

4. Break Goals

While it is advisable to break bigger goals to small ones so that you can taste success along the way and be motivated, we have to be cautious. Placing much focus on sub-goals has the potential of distracting you from the bigger picture. It can kill your motivation in taking further measures to achieve the successive sub-goal, which translates to the main goal. Always have your primary goal in mind while pursuing smaller goals.

Probably everyone has that which he/she wishes to achieve. We all want something, no matter how big or small it may sound. We also have deep-seated dreams and hopes for our future, and a burning need to accomplish great feats. In the real sense, all these have made us become who we are as a culture. We have not just survived as species, we have attained outlandish results and quite literally thrived. Innovations have sparked the ability to turn the seemingly impossible into reality in our lives. We don’t only wish for the moon; we are also shooting for the stars too