3 things affiliates should know about web hosting.

what you should know about webhosting

Most affiliate marketers think that finding the right web hosting service is a difficult task when it’s really now. In fact, most of them are clueless on what goes on to put up their website until there is a problem. Over the last few years, web hosting companies have increased in number and also in their sophistication. Their influx has brought fourth confusion and an ocean of ideas and factors to consider before deciding. Failure to make the right decision can have a negative impact on your website especially if you are an affiliate marketer. Before you make your decision on the hosting service to use here are three things you should know.

Uptime guarantee

It is embarrassing to have visitors on your site only to experience a blank screen because your website is down. Given that as an affiliate marketer you will be earning from the leads you send to your host’s website you would want to have your website up and running all the time. You should be looking for a host with an uptime guarantee of about 99%. You should also ensure that the hosting service you are going for has mirrored servers. The mirrored servers are backups such that when one server goes down, another one is standby and ready to go. They should also offer you support and constant communication regarding scheduled maintenance. Constant updates will enable you to send timely communications to your clients informing them if and when your website will be down.


You do not want to pay for a web hosting company that does not offer scalability options. As the business grows, you will have more traffic to your website. Your hosting service should you tiers of services that you can upgrade to cater for the increased traffic. Compare different hosting companies to understand if they are prepared to deal with unexpected spikes. If high traffic to your site can affect your bandwidth, you should not buy such a hosting. A hosting provider or at least your plan should handle spikes and not cost you much. Often you hear someone say that their website crashed after a spike to their website. You can post a catchy post that will attract thousands of visitors to your site within a certain period. If the bandwidth allocated to you is small, your website will crash inconveniencing your readers. It will also cost your website credibility and hurt your online reputation. If you are not sure of how to make comparisons, you can have a web expert advise you on the web hosting service or plan that will offer you excellent service.

Shared or dedicated

Shared hosting means that your website is being hosted alongside dozens if not hundreds of other websites. Shared hosting can be cheap, but a problem with one website can cause problems to your website too. You do not want your affiliate website to go down because another website somewhere has a problem. You should go for a hosting provider or plan that offers you dedicated servers. Dedicated servers will offer you fast response time and high speeds; it ensures that your visitors do not turn away as fast as they arrived. It will affect your earnings. You get the flexibility to customize the servers to match your unique needs. These include disk space, CPU, RAM, and software. You also get your own unique IP address. With a shared server, your website will be sharing an IP address with other websites online. That can affect your website ranking especially if your neighbor is a spam website or an adult content website.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right hosting provider for your affiliate website. However, these three should give you a head start and a clue on what you should look for if you are just starting out. If you already have a hosting provider, but you are experiencing problems, then you should consider changing the host or the plan. I hope you are now better informed and you will make the right decision for your affiliate website.