3 Steps to be successful with YouTube and affiliate marketing.

make money with YouTube and affiliate marketing

YouTube marketing is a great opportunity for making money online. You can start a YouTube channel – or multiple channels – for free and start building an online business today. You don’t need to be an expert or tech wiz to get started either, since you already have most of the equipment and software that you need. With a laptop, a smartphone and free or low-cost video editing apps, you can make money from home with almost zero investment up front. Here are a three ideas to get you started.

1. Monetize Videos With Google Ads

The awesome thing about YouTube is that you can create videos on just about any topic, and the YouTube Partners ad program will serve up targeted ads on your videos that are based on either the subject matter of the video or are customized to the viewer’s recent search history. Both of these can be effective and will bring in some revenue for you, depending on these three factors:

  • the value of the ads themselves
  • the ability of those ads to convert to ad clicks
  • the amount of traffic you bring in overall

Having said that, there are some things you can do to pump up the profits in this way. Some topics are simply more lucrative than others, because advertisers are willing to pay more money per click or per view. Videos about high-end credit cards might be more profitable than videos about free sock puppet templates, simply because credit card companies are willing to pay more money for their ad clicks than designers of sock puppets will pay for theirs.

Of course, ranking videos about credit cards will also be a lot tougher because of all the competition out there. That’s just an example, but I hope it gets you thinking in the right direction. Some topics have greater ad income potential because there’s a lot of ad revenue pouring through those industries.

So you don’t really need to create a product or sell anything to make money online. You can just create content that is informative, inspirational or entertaining and then place ads on it to generate income. You’ll need a lot of traffic to make substantial earnings, but this is an easy, low-cost way to get started that anyone can jump on immediately. But if you’re past this beginner stage and want to level up to a more serious business model, keep reading.

2. Review Products On YouTube And Monetize With Amazon Affiliate Program

Another way to make money on YouTube is to do reviews of physical products that are sold on Amazon. You could choose just about any idea under the sun, really. Amazon sells everything these days, so make a list of your hobbies and start brainstorming some ideas. I would recommend that you keep your channel limited to specific topic, though. Otherwise, your subscribers will unsubscribe if there’s no common theme to your videos.

Here are two examples, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Kitchen Products

If you love to cook, you could do a cooking show and put Amazon affiliate links to all the products you used in the show. Check the kitchen products on Amazon.com and look for the top sellers. You’ll find all kinds of items like these:

  • Pots and pans
  • High-quality kitchen knives
  • Food processors and kitchen appliances
  • Baking accessories
  • Dishware and party platters for unique presentations
  • Frozen, canned or boxed convenience foods
  • You can even link to the groceries and food ingredients themselves

Consumer Electronics

You could do reviews of the latest products from Apple, Google, LG and Sony. You could do reviews of RC cars, drones and accessories or even the latest robot vacuums and other smart home products. Browse through the electronics section on Amazon.com to come up with ideas. Buy a product and review it on YouTube. Then sell it on eBay or Craigslist to get cash to buy your next product for your next review video.

Here’s a link to the Amazon Affiliate program.

3. Use Videos To Push Traffic To Affiliate Offers On Your Blog

A third way to make money online with YouTube marketing is to build traffic on YouTube and then funnel that traffic to your own website. On your site, you’ll have affiliate offers that can make you big bucks – even better than the 4-7 percent that you could make as an Amazon affiliate.

Many affiliate programs out there offer commissions of 10-50 percent or higher, and some of them have some pretty high-end products for sale. But you don’t have to limit yourself to physical products with one-time sales. You can funnel your traffic toward landing pages on your blog that sell training programs with recurring payments and commissions too. Those can really add up over time.

There are also two-tier affiliate programs that offer additional earning possibilities by not only making sales to customers but by signing up additional affiliates and making commissions based on their sales too. The income can stack quickly with these types of affiliate programs.

One of the most famous ones is MOBE, popularized by professional blogger John Chow. But there are tons of other methods and programs out there. Here are some affiliate programs that you should look into:

YouTube affiliate marketing holds many possibilities. By combining affiliate programs and ad networks, you can make a substantial income online. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency, but now is the time to get busy. Don’t be intimidated or distracted by every new method out there. Just get started and learn as you go. Be flexible, but don’t bounce around too much from one idea to the next. Stick with one method for a while and really give it a chance to work.