The 3 Keys To Master Positive Thinking!

Master Positive Thinking!

It was the great Nassim Taleb who said that you should never pay attention to what anyone says but instead focus on what they do. Pay attention to what they’re putting on the line. That’s better than following any person’s word of advice. That said, there’s plenty of people to follow regarding how to develop ourselves to be the best that we are. The best things we should do should be about actions and words. This same strategy applies to positive thinking, and if you want to experience the same changes in your life that people you idolize experienced, then read more to learn how to learn the best ways to positive thinking through actions and not just cheap words.

1. The Concept of Wisdom

One good way to establish a path of good fortune and positive thinking is to appreciate ancient wisdom. You don’t even need to go far beyond in the past to get this. Your grandmother is a big source of the great wisdom you need to survive in life and to withstand the hardest challenges that life will deliver. Listen to what your grandmother would say about ambition, life, thinking positively and the importance of actions vs. words. In short, the first key to improving your mastery of thinking positive thoughts is to listen to the elders. They have survived the long hard years before you, and so they know more than you can ever know through textbooks and online memes.

2. Be Rational

There’s a long discussion about rationality by the great Nassim Taleb in Medium. He mentioned there that to be rational is to be prudent. Anything that you do that makes you survive is rational. It’s all about survival, and the good thing to know about positivity is that thousands of years have proven that you can survive more if you’re a positive thinker. People who want to survive and withstand the challenges should understand the importance of this. Without being rational, you won’t be able to appreciate the importance of positive tand the other way around.

3. Be Mindful of The Now

It’s hard to think of the negative things in your life when you’re constantly thinking of what’s happening in the present. Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now is one good example of this kind of attitude. He claims in his book that if you just accept the fact that you are where you are and there’s nowhere better that you should be, you will worry less. Worrying is the dangerous workings of the ego, and it may harm you more than it can do you good. The third secret ingredient of mastering the positive attitude in life is therefore done by acknowledging the present and honoring it without any worry of what’s about to come.

Conclusion: There are many ways you can master the art of thinking positively. However, the three ways we just mentioned could be some of the best areas to start if you want to integrate a positive light into your life.